Hi, My name is BeHnam KhodaRahmi

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Music graduate & have been working professionally

In various fields of Music for more 20 years.

I don’t know exactly how many projects I have done or

How many people I have worked for up to now!

But I know that I have gained much Experience over the years.

However to be honest, I would like to share all these

Useful & valuable Experiences with you.

Behnam Khodarahmi

I can help you Write, Record and Edit…

  • Composing.
  • Arrangement and Transcriptions.
  • Classic, Pop, Folklore or any genre music parts.
  • Persian Music Instruments Solo and Orchestra.
  • Or free advice and guidance.


A Collection

of Songs, Arrangements, Playing,

and Writing, etc.


For free and Online

 Via Telegram Messenger

 At any time.

A Collection Of Different Types Of Music on my YouTube Channel