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How to Share a Music Experience on ‘’SYME’’

Share any Music Experience such as: Book, Song, Video Clip, Software, Introduction or Interview, Application,Teaching and Learning, Article, Dance, Biography, Concert, etc.

Watch the Music Experience Sharing Instructional Video and Read the Description below, and Share your Music Experience.

* Select title.

* Type your Full Name.

* Type your Country and City.

For Example: Paris – France.

* Type the Subject of the Music Experience.

* If you want your Music Experience to be Accompanied by a Profile Picture, Send your Photo in the Experience Profile Picture Section.

Note! The best Size for Profile Picture is 1080px by 1080px (Square) but this Step is your Choice and not Mandatory.

* Enter your Correct Email Address.

* Select the Music Sharing Category.

For Example: Select a Text Category to Share a Music Book Experience.

* Enter the copy of the Reference Link from which you Share the Music Experience.

For Example, When you want to Share the Experience of listening to a Song, if the main Reference is a YouTube Song, you Should Copy the YouTube Links of the Song and Send it here.

* Write about Sharing your Music Experience in the Description Section.

Note! You can Share any Music Experience with any language on ”SYME” but at the moment it is Only Possible to describe the Music Experience in English.

* Upload a Simple Photo of the Music Experience you want to Share.

Note! The best size for Photos upload is 720px by 1280px (Landscape) 1080px by 1080px (Square) Ratio of 16:9 is Ideal.

”It is only Possible to Send Photo and Upload them in JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PSD formats and also One Photo is enough for each Share”

* Review and Check the information you have Entered and Press the Send button.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact, if you have any questions. Click Here!

After a Short Monitoring, your Music Experience will be Shared.

Thanks for Sharing on ”SYME”

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