Musical Artist

I’m BeHnam KhodaRahmi, a music arranger, composer, and multi-instrumentalist specializing in piano, accordion, kamancheh, and Persian percussion. With a music degree from the Conservatory of Music and a management degree, I uniquely blend musical and business expertise.

🌐 International Music Advocate
Active member of the FIM International Federation of Music Artists, contributing to the global music community. Over the past two decades, I’ve engaged in music production, teaching, and collaborations with prestigious organizations worldwide.

But let me be clear: I do not claim to be famous, influential, or anything else. My purpose is not to seek validation or accolades. My purpose is to create relationships that resonate with people, touch their hearts, and bring joy into their lives.

📚 Author & Music Consultant
Author of 20+ books in Farsi and English, spanning music, sound recording, children’s stories, and novels. As a music consultant, I’ve collaborated with banks, studios, and music companies, deepening my industry understanding.

🎵 Musical Proficiency
Proficient in software like Word, Photoshop, Premiere, Edius, Nuendo, Cubase, Sound Forge, Sonar, and Logic. Combining technical skill with artistic expression, I create musical arrangements and compositions that resonate emotionally.

🌍 Global Impact
I am a proud member of Amazon, Google, and iTunes Authors, connecting with a global audience. I am also CEO of SDHIC International Music Company, overseeing production, distribution, and promotion.

👨🏫 Music Education Advocate
Dedicated to teaching music theory in prestigious academies, nurturing talents, and inspiring the next generation. Committed to ongoing professional development with certifications from the Oxford Academy and leadership training in Germany.

🎖️ Accolades
Recipient of several medals from various festivals in Persia as well as internationally, such as the Global Music Awards, showcasing excellence and innovation as a composer.

🗣️ Multilingual Communicator
Fluent in Persian and English, with a basic understanding of German and Arabic. Strong communication skills facilitate collaboration and connections within the global music community.

🌟 Passionate Visionary
Seamlessly weaving music, literature, and technology, I aspire to touch hearts and minds worldwide through my compositions, performances, and literary works.