Music Arranger, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist

When listening to BeHnam KhodaRahmi’s work, it’s easy to get whisked away to another world. His lush, atmospheric soundscapes and mystifying musical lines are unmatched and create an entire mood that’s difficult to describe. His style is distinctly raw and organic, fusing emotional instrumental melodies with an ethereal atmosphere. He is the pure definition of a top-tier professional musician, music arranger, and composer. Working in a range of styles, he creates entire worlds through his music that are distinctly cinematic. He enjoys music from different cultures and applies his boundary-pushing style to every song he crafts. What attracts him to music is its soothing nature. Crafting songs that not only sound great but soothe the listener therapeutically. He boasts over fifteen years of creating music for television and is currently bringing his soulful melodies to the global stage in the form of his own releases.


For over two decades now, BeHnam KhodaRahmi has been working and collaborating on a number of artistic projects. He studied music, and it is his full-time profession. He worked on various projects around the world and continues his musical activities. He is the CEO of the “SDHIC” international music company and a member of various well-known music associations, including the House of Music, the Association of Music Composers, and the FIM International Federation of Musicians in France. Although he delivers tracks in a variety of other languages, including English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, etc., his primary language is Farsi. 


BeHnam KhodaRahmi was born in Persia. The multi-instrumentalist started playing music at the age of just six years old.

His father Fazlollah KhodaRahmi is a professional musician, and he began harnessing his craft with him. The accordion was his first instrument; though he went on to learn many more, including Piano, Kamancheh, Accordion, and Persian Percussion. BeHnam KhodaRahmi was soon performing in front of audiences and went on to study at a music conservatory as well as a university. He first entered the music market while studying and has since worked on countless music projects, often composing, arranging, playing, and writing for various tracks. When he’s not busy as a music composer, he is often writing. He has a few volumes of music, sound recordings, and children’s books out and is currently writing a novel. All in all, he’s been working in the art field for over two decades and has collaborated on many works of art.   


Although BeHnam KhodaRahmi is a music arranger, composer, and multi-instrumentalist,
In addition to his decades of experience in various fields of music, he has also been writing his notes collection since 2010.
Having published a couple of books in the fields of music, sound, recording, and novels, he became known as an author.

A number of books authored by BEHNAM KHODARAHMI

I feel Proud of MySelf

Solo Symphony
Forty-nine Songs in Silence
Tar maker

Studio Navazi 1 and 2 استودیو نوازی
Setare Kosh ستاره گُش

Hich هیچ
He is alive
A World Musicless
AI and Yummy Music Relationships
Ancient Persian stories

Seven Volumes of Children’s Stories

1- Old Pineapple
2- Titi’s Tooth
3- Lupi Luplup
4- Topoli and Daddy Bear
5- Qiz qiz and Biz biz
6- Sisi the beetle
7- Hurried Owl

I write because when the word ends, the music starts, and when the music ends, the soul begins to spout, and that spout puts words on white paper!