HICH هیچ


Every day, as we navigate the bustling streets of our city, we encounter a multitude of faces, each carrying a story untold, a silent struggle masked beneath the facade of normalcy. These individuals, invisible yet ever-present, inhabit the peripheries of our consciousness, their plight overshadowed by the relentless rhythm of urban life. Their existence, marred by poverty and hardship, is a stark reality often overlooked amidst the cacophony of daily routines. We pass by them, perhaps offering a fleeting glance or a momentary acknowledgment, yet their suffering remains unfathomable, their anguish hidden beneath layers of societal indifference.
To attempt to articulate their plight feels futile, for the enormity of their despair defies the constraints of language. The dilapidated shelters they call home and the grimy streets they traverse bear witness to a reality so profound, so entrenched in despair, that words alone fall short of capturing its essence.
Even the most eloquent prose, crafted by the most adept writers, can only scratch the surface of their adversity. Theirs is a narrative too vast and complex to be encapsulated within the confines of a mere story. It is a reality we choose to overlook, a discomfort we seek to suppress in our quest for normalcy. Yet, despite our efforts to distance ourselves, a part of our consciousness remains tethered to their plight. We grapple with a sense of guilt, an unspoken acknowledgment of our complicity in their suffering. And though we may attempt to avert our gaze, to bury their existence beneath the trivialities of our lives, their presence lingers, an immutable reminder of the disparities that pervade our society.
In the end, we are left with a sobering truth: that their stories and their struggles defy our attempts at comprehension. And as we go about our daily lives, ensconced in our privilege and comfort, we cannot help but carry within us the weight of their existence, a silent burden that refuses to be ignored.

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