Although I’m Music Arranger and Composer, I have also started authorship of my notes collection since 2010.

Having published a couple of Books about Music, Novels, Sound and sound Recording, as well as stories for children, I have became known as an author.

I write because when the word ends, the Music starts, and when the Music ends, the soul begins to spout, and that spout puts words on white paper.

Forty-Nine Songs in Silence

Sometimes the plectrums will speak from your tongue and sometimes the speaking with a plectrum will lead you to another path.

Sometimes when the sense of writing overcomes playing, writing will become what you do not play or cannot say in the language of the instrument.

Maybe not! Maybe you are playing with such a beat that no one in the ear this able to hear, so writing becomes the translation of your life’s song…

Tar Maker ( How to Make Tar)

Persia String Instrument

The instrument consists of two parts: a bout and Neck; the bout has a large part called the abdomen and a small part called the kettle.

The Neck is 45 to 50 Cm long, usually with two bone strips installed, including a wooden bar in the middl.

Tar has Six wires, three of the are steel, and the other three are of copper alloys.

The wires are Connected to the bout on one side and, after crossing the bridge, they are…

Solo Symphony

Henry’s life looks perfect on the surface.

He is successful Musician and university Professor, who has dedicated his entire life to his work in his own Music Studio.

But few people knew that he was scared of love after having his heart broken.

Until Anna came along. A gorgeous, talented singe, who stole Henry’s heart and made him believe that he could love again.

They went through many hardship in order to be with each other, but their sweet life together didn’t last long…