Although Behnam Khodarahmi is a music arranger and composer and music graduate.

In addition to his decades of experience in various fields of music, he also began writing his notes collection since 2010.

Having published a couple of books about in the field of music, sound, recording and novels, he became known as an author.

He write because when the word ends, the music starts, and when the music ends, the soul begins to spout, and that spout puts words on white paper!

SOLO SYMPHONY (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649239

ISBN: 9786229757970

Love, Mystery, Hatred, Betrayal

Henry’s life looks perfect on the surface.
He is a successful musician and university professor, who has dedicated his entire life to his work in his own music studio.
But few people knew that he was scared of love after having his heartbroken.
Until Anna came along. A gorgeous, talented singer, who stole Henry’s heart and made him believe that he could love again.
They went through many hardships in order to be with each other, but their sweet life together didn’t last long.
The story is engaging and makes you finish the whole book in one sitting.

If you like a book that gives you a kind of emotional response or connection to the characters, this book is for you.
The book focuses on romance, love, hatred and betrayal and how they can change a person’s life for better or worse…


Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649246

Sometimes the plectrums will speak from your tongue and sometimes the speaking with a plectrum will lead you to another path.

Sometimes when the sense of writing overcomes playing, writing will become what you do not play or cannot say in the language of the instrument.

Maybe not! Maybe you are playing with such a beat that no one in the ear this able to hear, so writing becomes the translation of your life’s song…

HUMANOID (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649147

I don’t think that a person with learning difficulties is a criminal. I mean, such people don’t always do stupid things on purpose.
Many of them even think that they are wise and sapient, not stupid!
Those with learning difficulties mostly deserve pity rather than hatred.
Of course it has to be said that the story of stupid people is different those who have learning difficulties…


Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649192

The instrument consists of two parts: a bout and a neck; the bout has a large part called the abdomen and a small part called the kettle. The neck is 45 to 50 cm long, usually with two bone strips installed, including a wooden bar in the middle…

STUDIO NAVAZI – Volumes 1 & 2 (in Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi


Accordingly, amateur and professional musicians ’familiarity with a studio environment, more harmony and accompaniment with a microphone as well as other recordings available in the studio, aimed at relieving stress and reducing ambiguity facing them, and some brief explanations for understanding of the physics of sound in the form of music theory lessons are among the author’s goals, which are hoped to be fulfilled despite the scarcity of the materials…

OLD PINEAPPLE (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649116

It was not exactly clear to the fruits living in the refrigerator what was going on.

They all felt that maybe today was the last day they would be together.
The little tangerines and their friends had made a team and had spread themselves among the fruit to hide the old pineapple.
Every time the refrigerator was opened and…

HURRIED OWL (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649062

One morning, Mr. Owl woke up; he saw that the house was quiet and there was no news about Mrs. Owl.
He adjusted his bed, brushed his teeth, and washed his hands and face. As he went to the mirror to brush his hair, he stared into an empty box. Mrs. Owl’s gold and jewellery wasn’t there. He started looking around, looked around the…

QIZ QIZ AND BIZ BIZ (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649109

Once school was over, Qiz Qiz grabbed his bag to go home.
He had not yet taken one step forward when Biz Biz called him in a loud voice. “Hey! Qiz Qiz!” he said, “Wait!!!Let’s go home together.”
So, they set off home together.
On the way home, Biz Biz was always…

LUPI LUPLUP (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649123

Lupi lup lup reached home tired and hungry.
Mommy Lupi was preparing a delicious lunch. Lupi lup lup smelt the food, which maked him hungry.
Then they were all waiting for Daddy Lupi to…

TOPOLI AND DADDY BEAR (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649086

The bear family was busy eating a delicious breakfast. Daddy bear told Topoli:
“ Topoli, I want to go to the jungle and look for food. Would you like to come with me?”
Topoli answered happily: „Yes, I would love to…

SISI THE BEETLE (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 97862276490903

“One, two, three, four, ….
Oh, it is so bad that I can’t count all the stars in the sky. It is so hard, because there are so many, not just one or two.”
Before going to bed, Sisi the beetle looked at the…

TITI’S TOOTH (in English & Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649130

For a long time Titi’s tooth told her off!
“I love sweets and chocolate the same as you do Titi. But I know I will get rotten and slowly get ruined id you eat too many. Do you really want to lose me?” Titi told the tooth: “Of course not. I don’t want to…

SETARE KOSH (in Persian)

Author: Behnam Khodarahmi

ISBN: 9786227649161

Maybe a driver could be a good teacher.

A teacher whose main talent is in painting and a painter who has no interested in painting and paints only to earn money.

It is rare to ask different people in society about their jobs and they are satisfied with their work. Most of these people are forced into their jobs…