SETAR-E KOSH ستاره کُش


Perhaps a driver could make a good teacher. There is a distinction between a teacher whose primary talent is painting and a painter who has no interest in art but paints solely for financial gain. While a driver’s expertise lies in navigating roads and ensuring passenger safety, their skills in communication and patience could potentially translate well into the teaching profession. On the other hand, a painter who solely focuses on financial gain may lack the passion and artistic insight that a dedicated art teacher possesses.
It is uncommon to inquire about various people’s occupations and their satisfaction with their work. However, understanding the motivations behind someone’s career choice can provide valuable insights into their personal values and priorities. Additionally, discussing job satisfaction can help identify potential areas for growth and improvement in different professions. Most of these individuals have not chosen their careers but have been compelled to pursue them due to various factors such as financial stability, societal expectations, or family pressure. Exploring their level of contentment with their chosen profession can shed light on the impact of these external influences on their career paths. Furthermore, discussing job satisfaction can also reveal the extent to which individuals are able to find fulfillment and purpose in their work, despite not initially choosing it…

* The meaning of Setar-e Kosh in English is the death of a star. However, in this context, author intends to metaphorically refer to the death of talent. The star symbolizes a person who possesses extraordinary talent or potential, and the phrase Setar-e Kosh implies the unfortunate loss or demise of the talent. It could indicate the end of someone’s creative abilities, brilliance, or potential, emphasizing the notion of talent fading away or being extinguished.

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